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Client Results


"Would love to give a shoutout to Jenna for getting me back on the fitness bandwagon..

I started with Jenna doing PT sessions & got onboard with her 10 week bootcamp (which I love!) After battling with some hormonal changes it was hard to stay positive but Jenna kept me focused, challenged & on track. I feel great & getting results which I'm loving! Jenna has motivated me to meal prep & encouraged to limit my boozy weekends!!! I can't thank her enough! If anyone is looking for a lifestyle change Jenna will get you there!!!"

Carly before and after.jpg


When Nat started the program, she realized that over time her weight was creeping on. She didn't eat much and didn't exercise either. She is a very busy woman and wanted to learn healthier habits to improve her overall health. 💁

Since working with her she has become in tune with her body, and is surprised that she can eat more food and still lose weight! 😋

Not only has she lost 6.1kg in 90 days, she has lost a dress size, and completely changed her eating habits. She has fallen in love with moving her body and now feels stronger. Her inner voice is stronger too, she has created a positive mindset and overall feels amazing!💃

I am also excited to continue working with her where she has more goals she would like to reach! 😎

When you decide to create change in your life, anything is possible!

Nat transformation.jpg


"Jenna is a wonderful PT. I found her to be passionate and realiable with a bubbly personality. She has helped me enormously to understand my eating, heal my metabolism and created an exercise program to maximise my lifestyle.

She is always there to answer all my questions and continue to support me on this journey whenever I need her.

I highly recommended her as she has helped me so much. Thank you beautiful Jenna....So much appreciation and gratitude". 

Image by Jake Nackos

Clients Results

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Here are Karen's results from 90 days!
Karen is a very busy women (she has kids, and grandkids and works very long hours, 6 days a week) with goals to get back into her health and fitness and become an active grandmother! She did exactly that!


Not only did she lose 8kg in 12 weeks, but she also improved her energy, nutrition, sleep, and mindset. Even the arthritis in her hand became pain free and she learned how to create healthier habits and how to plan better with her busy schedule!



Jo felt yuck, her clothes stretched and she didn't feel comfortable.😪

This impacted her health and life.

When starting the program, her ultimate goal was to lose 20k, get back into running, balance her hormones, and improve overall health.

Her reason for this was seeing the weight reflected to her on the scales, gave an unsettling feeling. And she missed running, something Jo used to do.

Since completing the 90 days, Jo lost a whopping 8.4kg!! She now enjoys exercising and has fallen in love with running again! 😍

She has learned so much about nutrition and creating healthy habits that she can implement for the rest of her life!

Jo now has a healthy approach to life! 🙌

I am beyond proud of  her!

Jo Transformation.jpg


"Jenna is an extremely kind and caring trainer who makes time to know you personally."

Jessica Before and after.jpg


"Joining Jenna O'Toole Fitness has been one of the best things!! Jenna have been great trainers and I can't believe how much healthier and fitter I feel! And only 10 weeks. I also have made some beautiful new friends and I can't wait for the next 10 weeks."

Melissa .jpeg

Women's Bootcamp

Bootcamp pic.jpg


Life hasn't always been easy...🥺
From relying on alcohol when I was younger as a temporary escape to then going on the flip slide to becoming addicted to exercise and developing emotional eating, and body image issues, I know what it's like to feel overwhelmed, stressed, and uncomfortable in my skin. I've experienced the depths of anxiety and depression, feeling lost and disconnected.😮‍💨

But here's the beautiful part, I didn't let those struggles define me. I embarked on a self-development journey, becoming a personal trainer and a qualified nutritionist, all while navigating the complexities of being a single mum. I prioritized my self-care, introduced hormonal supportive habits, and transformed my mindset. 🙌

Today, I stand here as a living testament to the power of resilience and self-belief. I radiate confidence, joy, and strength. I've reclaimed my energy, restored my sleep, and built a positive outlook on life. I am fulfilled, happy, and proud to be a role model for my beautiful girls.🥰


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